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Officers of Detroit Commandery No. 1



Commander David A. Bartell, Sr.
Generalissimo Albert T. McGuire III (Jaylene)
Captain General  Jack H. Mengel, P.C. (Sharon)
Senior Warden David A. Roberts (Wendy)
Junior Warden Kenneth Landstrom
Treasurer Ronald E. Gorecki, P.C. (Mary)
Recorder  David H. Riley (Deyal)
Prelate  Roger P. Sobran (Cindy)
Standard Bearer
Sword Bearer David M. McLaren-Kennedy (Megan)
Warder   John A. Kashinsky
Sentinel James R. Goode (Caroline)
Organist  Robert E. Noechel , P.C. [hon.] (Donna Jean)



Honors and Awards


Select members of Detroit Commandery No. 1 have been honored over the years for significant service to York Rite Masonry.  

The titles and abbreviations are listed below with links to learn more about these significant designations.

KYCH (Knights of the York Cross of Honour)

Knights of the York Cross of Honour is a Honor Group of York Rite Masons who are dedicated to serving the Masonic Fraternity as a Labor of Love. Requirements for membership are that each proposed candidate for membership must have presided over a Lodge as a Master, over a Chapter as High Priest, over a Council as Illustrious Master and over a Commandery as Commander. No individual should aspire to membership in KYCH, when he has done the required work, and done it well, he will be invited to membership. Those who labor will be rewarded by being invited.

KYCH Recipients from Detroit Commandery No. 1
Ardys Bennett
Ernest Berry
Howard Crumit, PC, GJW
Corbin Elliott
Arthur Girard
Raymond King
Charles Myer
Russell Spice
Richard Webb, PGC *
Emmett W. Mills Jr., PGC


KTCH (Knights Templar Cross of Honor)

A recognition of exceptional service from the Most Eminent Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar of the United States of America.

"This award shall be made only for exceptional service rendered to the Order, far beyond the call of duty, and beyond the service usually expected of an officer or member."


KTCH Recipients from Detroit Commandery No. 1


George N. Loesch, GPE

Harry Bowering *

Leroy B. McInally, PP *


* = Deceased


OPC (Order of the Purple Cross)

The Order of the Purple Cross of York, the highest honor of the York Rite College, is conferred upon those members of the College who have distinguished themselves by their service to humanity or to the Rite.

OPC Recipients from Detroit Commandery No. 1

Ardys D. Bennett, PC

Arshag M. “Bo” Daiyan

Joseph D. Dobrenic

Corbin P. Elliott, PC

James C. Eubank, PC

Albert B. Firth, PC

John A. Foster, PC

Arthur F. Girard, PC*

John A. Jackson, PC

Raymond E. King, PC**

Peter Kokenakes

George N. Loesch, KTCH, GPE

Billy R. Long

John H. Mengel, PC
Emmett W. Mills Jr., PGC

Charles T. Myer, MIPGM, PC*

Frank A. O’Boyle

Gilbert A. Rice, PGC

Russell F. Spice, PC

A. Ray Swartz, HPC

Donald H. Van Kirk, PGM

William C. Waltsgott, Jr.  

Richard Webb, Jr., PGC

Duane I. Wilson


*PC, Monroe Commandery No. 19

**PC, Redford Commandery No. 55 


KCT (Knight Commander of the Temple)

A College of Honors set up by the Grand Encampment and conferred by the Most Eminent Grand Master.


KCT Recipients from Detroit Commandery No. 1


Ardys Bennett, PC
Howard Crumit, PC, GJW
Corbin P. Elliott, PC
William D. Ford *
Russell P. Livermore, PDC
William D. Mercer *
Emmett W. Mills Jr., PGC
Henry A. Montague, PC *
Robert N. Osborne, PGC
Gilbert A. Rice, PGC
Richard M. Strauss, PDC *
Richard Webb, Jr., PGC *
Russell C. Wells, PGC


* = Deceased




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